Mercia's in-house services are available for your outsourced work, whether you’re looking for a single cutting operation, or complete project management from design to delivery.

Our flexible service is completely shaped by the requirements of your project. From clock pieces to automotive components, whether it be a finely cut brass cog, or a simple plastic shape, we have the ability to scale our precise and dynamic machines to suit your needs.

Our customers can utilise as many of our services as they wish - enjoying the benefits of a single machine or a combination. We’re further able to operate on either a full supply inclusive of material, or on a free issue basis.

We can provide laser cutting, and press brake bending, alongside in-house design, finishing services, and delivery.

Our accredited cutting services are supported by our expert design team, who can use existing drawings or create working designs which are compatible with our machinery.

Your In-House Services questions answered

    CNC Laser Cutting

    3KW Fibre Laser Cutting Machine

    Cutting area 3000*1500

    Steel 43A cut up to 15mm thick

    Stainless steel cut up to 10mm thick

    Tolerances of -/+ 0.3mm

    Investments into our laser cutting capabilities means Mercia can provide a leading laser cutting service. Our total efficiency when undertaking laser cutting results in rapid lead times, reduced waste, and minimal damage to parts due to a simple extraction process.

    Because of this, our customers benefit from reduced manufacturing costs and responsive turnaround.

    We can do this for all types of projects, achieving intricate cutting and fine contouring across a range of sheet metal with exacting tight tolerances.


    What is Laser Cutting?

    Laser cutting is a CNC (computer numerical controlled) process which utilises a concentrated laser beam to melt, burn or vaporise a workpiece. This produces a cut edge, known as the kerf.

    Why Would You Use Laser Cutting?

    Laser cutting is an energy efficient process. A non-contact cutting method, laser cutting does not place any damaging force upon the material. It also produces a localised heat force which means the material is not warped.

    Laser cutting can cut complex shapes whilst still producing a quality edge finish.

    Press Braking

    Adira Hydraulic Downstroking Press Brake

    Capacity of 1350kN

    Maximum working length of 3050mm

    For projects large and small

    Compatible with a range of sheet metal

    Utilise our reliable press brake machinery to produce accurate and consistent profiles on a range of sheet metals. Our press braking service provides a range of bending solutions, and can be used in conjunction with Mercia’s auxiliary services for complete fabrication of a product.

    Mercia always strives for total customer satisfaction. Our experienced team of manufacturers work closely with our customers throughout our in-house services, including press braking, to achieve the consistency and accuracy of parts they require within quick turnaround times.


    What is press braking?

    Press braking forms a sheet of metal by bending it at specific points, reshaping the workpiece. The metal can be adjusted manually or automatically on the machine, repositioning it on the punch and die which closes in on the metal to bend it.

    What are the benefits of press braking?

    Press braking requires just one piece of material to form, meaning additional processes to add extra parts are not needed - saving time, material, and money. This is especially noticeable when compared to other products, which require multiple, manual operations, such as punching, to produce.